Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulation

(i) Game Play
Two teams of up to 6 paddlers are seated at both sides of a 20 crew dragon boat separated by a marking indicating the middle of the boat. They will be facing each other and pulling towards their opponent’s half.
The winner will be the team that pulls itself past 2 metres into their opponent’s half. An official will make the winning call by observing the markings on the boat. Each team may have a reserve/team manager to motivate the team from the poolside.

(ii) Before the Battle
Teams to report at Marshalling 20mins before stipulated start time.
Teams may be required to do a team weigh-in before entering marshalling.
Before the battle commences, the choice of sides shall be decided by the toss of a coin.
Teams will have to exchange handshakes before entering boats

(iii) The Battle
(*new format, subject to changes until official announcement at team manager's briefing’)

(iii.1) Preliminary / Group stages
Best of 3 Rounds (minimum 2).
1st & 2nd Round will have a 30 secs time limit.
If there is no winner at the end of 30secs, both teams will stay in the boat to rest for 60secs before commencing to the next Round.
3rd Round has no time limit. Teams to battle until a victor emerge. (Sudden Death)
A buzzer (announcement or equivalent) will be sounded at the last 10secs of each Round.

(iii.1a) Points

-        0 point for draw in Round 1 & 2.

-        1 point for winning either Round 1 & 2.

-        2 points for winning Round 3.

-        3 points (2+1bonus) for winning both Round 1 & 2, no need to battle for Round 3.

-        Points to be tabulated for progression.

-        If points are a draw, best elimination time from group will be considered for progression.

(iii.2) Final Stages (Semi & Grand Finals)
Top 4 teams from Preliminary/Group stages progress to finals.
Purely by elimination.
No Points for Rounds.
Only 1 Round to battle.
Has no time limit. (Battle until a victor emerge - Sudden Death)
Top 2 teams are awarded with medals and only top team with championship belt

(iii.3) Starts & False Starts

The start commands for every battle would be:

  1. "Are you ready?"
  2. "Dragon Battle”
  3. “*Air Horn*”

Warnings will be given to teams who start before “*Air Horn*”.
On the 3rd attempt and if either team is faulted, the last team involved in the fault will have a 1meter handicap disadvantage.
Paddles to start above water unless mentioned otherwise by official.

(iii.4) Winning a Battle
A battle is won when one of the team marking on the boat is aligned to the ground markings. The official will call out the winner with a buzzer once the alignment is seen in clear favour of either team.

(iv) Battle Gear
Swimwear is highly encouraged but everyone in the team needs to have some sort of team identity. i.e. bandana, face paint, body paint, caps etc… All competitors would be required to weigh-in with their battle gear on. No buoyancy vest is required or provided. Teams are also encouraged to dress up for their battles.

Other Important Notes

(i) Before Registration
Information required to prepare for online registration:

1)     1 x Team photo of the registered team (between 7-18 paddlers)

2)     1 x Team logo

3)     All paddler details (first name, last name, age, gender, weight, shirt size, dietary requirement etc.)

4)     Individual photos of all paddlers

5)     A short brief/quote from the team in no more than 200 words

6)     Payment method (via Fund Transfer / Credit Card)

(ii) Team Manager’s Brief
Following last year’s success of conducting our team manager’s briefing/battle draws through livestream, we will be doing it again this year with bigger and better bandwidth for your convenience to view it from your own home. Please save Thursday, 28th September 2017 @ 2100hrs for the broadcast.

(iii) Shade & Shelter
Tents will be provided for all teams around the vicinity of the swimming pool however, only limited spaces are available at the pool front. So the organisers may place teams based on a first come first serve basis. Do note that there is more space on the 3rd floor of the multi-story carpark overlooking the swimming pool.

(iv) Accommodation
Discounted room rates are made available at Orchid Country Club under the Code “DRAGONBATTLE2017”. Please call hotel reservation @ 67502100 to book as soon as possible.

Deluxe Standard (1 queen & 1 single bed)

Deluxe Family (1 queen & 2 single bed)
*All rates are inclusive of Breakfast

(v) Stay Connected
There will be multiple avenues to stay connected with our event updates. One of which is to “Like” our dedicated Facebook page for the Dragon Battle event. Here’s the link:
Teams are also highly encouraged to include hashtag (#dragonbattleasia) on all social media platforms to condense every breath-taking experience.

(vi) Point of Contact
For any other enquiries that you need to clarify, please email to and a member from the organising committee will reply to you within 24hours. Alternatively, you can also contact either one of us below and we will do our best to attend to your needs too.

    Contact details