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About Dragon Battle, Asia’s First Dragon Boat Pool Battle event

Inspired by how the Europeans conducts dragon boat training indoors and eventually turning it into a competition within the continent, DBI decides to take the concept upon ourselves, tweak it beyond the ordinary and offer it as a scalable and sustainable strategy for our sport in years to come. Dragon Battle 2015 was the first of its kind in Asia and it was indeed one of the most unique property to showcase our beloved sport to the masses.

The main design of Dragon Battle is to offer a different kind of experience to the dragon boat community here in Singapore and eventually in Asia. Not only is the concept of the competition different from the usual straight-course races, the whole atmosphere of the event will be targeted to bring the community closer through an array of simple yet powerful engaging activities. This event gives paddlers more reasons to invite their family and friends down to support them as the proximity to the paddling events are very much closer than the usual dragon boat races held in lakes & reservoirs. Beyond the dragon battles happening in the pool, participants will have a fun day of fringe activities by the pool side and an outdoor pool dinner in the evening. In addition, for the first time in Singapore Dragon Boat history, a pool party will be opened to celebrate the closing of the day’s gruelling competition.

Besides the sporting element of the event, Dragon Battle is also a platform to provide relevant marketing opportunities to commercial brands. DBI has always believed that the sport of dragon boating can be an avenue to associate lifestyle practices. There are so many areas which the sport could offer commercially. We hope by partnering and having brands to sponsor our cause, we can open our world to cater to their marketing needs. At the same time, to leverage their support to bring dragon boating to another level. Not to mention the incentives the paddlers receive from these collaborations through their engagements.

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About Dragon Boat Innovate (DBI), the creator and organiser of Dragon Battle:

Dragon Boat Innovate (DBI) is one of the most recognised and established names in the business of unique team building offerings. We are Asia Pacific’s leading provider in corporate events through the platform of dragon boating and surpassed many competitors as the industry leader in dragon boat corporate team building. 5 years since our establishment in 2011, we have reached out to more than 50,000 individuals and for nearly 300 companies with our programs.

At DBI, we believe dragon boating is more than just a sport. It can also be a way of life and a manner through which we help corporate companies demonstrate the importance of working as a team in a simple, experiential, no-frills environment. Dragon boating can be both competitive and recreational. Over the years, we have also developed services through the sport to fulfil companies’ marketing and business needs.

Moving forward, the team from DBI is committed to leverage the formula of success from the corporate industry and apply it to the outreach of the community. Hoping to engage and reverse the on-going mind-set that the sport only appeals to big, strong muscular men, we believe that the sport is for anyone and everyone. Through Dragon Battle, where the conditions are very much controlled, in close proximity to spectators, we hope more people will attempt to try the sport and join the next dragon boat club they encounter.


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